Situated 30 minutes from South Beach, Wildlife Gardens is an iconic property in Florida resting on 5 acres of land. When you enter Wildlife Gardens, you are transported in a tropical jungle greeted by sounds of exotic birds, primates and ferocious felines.

Our landscape is a mix of tropical jungle, waterfall, live pond and exotic animal habitat.  All the structure in Wildlife Gardens are build in wood with thatched roofing. Our Amphitheater is surrounded by a live pond filled with turtles and koi fish.

In addition to serving as the backdrop for multiple TV shows, photoshoots and feature films, Wildlife Gardens is often visited by local and international celebrities – making it a must see and do pit-stop in Miami. Wildlife Gardens has received international and local coverage including The New York Times, CNN, CBS and Miami Herald Tribune.

Wildlife Gardens can accommodate from 1 – 300 guests, and is fully equipped with a full commercial catering kitchen, reception area and a full array of furniture and décor rentals.  Wildlife Gardens can accommodate full movie production vehicles inside the 5 acres.



Additionally, Wildlife Gardens host a beautiful 4 bedroom house, designed with the highest level of luxury and refinement.

The overall tones for the house Carrara white marble, with a touch of light grey and light brown. The house has a large size pool and full amenities.

Production teams have used the house numerous times for photoshoots and sometimes allow their celebrities to rest and get pampered in luxury.

TEL (786) 494-0332
16225 SW 172 AVE, MIAMI, FL 33187